My work can also be found at Lloyd's Florist 9216 Preston Highway
Louisville, KY

and at all of The Louisville Wedding Network bridal shows.

Fine handcrafted useable gifts. Gifts for the Groom, Graduate or your favorite person!

 Fleur de Lathe 


 Where  found

My Promise is to produce a unique piece designed by you.  I will meet you personally to help design the item you want to give.  Then I will create a top quality gift you will want to keep for yourself.   Made from the finest woods and acrylics.

How Fleur de Lathe works:  I am a commissioned artist.  Whether in or outside of Louisville, KY area, I will be happy to consult with you in person or by phone on the design of your chosen item.  First we will discuss the person or event you are purchasing the item for.  I can also suggest ideas that may not be on this site.  Once the items are decided upon, then we choose the material and colors for your design.  After a deposit has been made, then I will create your specific design. For orders I generally ask for at least a month to create in case I do not have your materials in stock.  I do keep a small inventory of pre-made items for individuals who might need something more quickly.  I hope that with the options mentioned above, we will be able to give anyone a personalized work of Art. 

My name is Eric Edwards and I have been turning fine gifts since 2008.  I believe in creating a high quality piece for a good price.  Since these are all handmade items no two are ever the same making each gift very unique.